Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo

Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo—or B2BCyCon for short—is an online event modeled on the likeness of a State Fair or a comic book convention, right in the comfort of your living room. There simply is so much to do that it’s impossible to cram it all into one visit, so the event spans three days of authors and books.

A book lovers paradise.

Everyone at the CyCon loves reading books, loves writing books, loves reviewing books, and/or loves talking about books. What started as a promotional/marketing tool to boost visibility for undiscovered authors, has turned into a three day, sleepless book bash attracting readers and authors alike. We have games, prizes, story time, the book expo, contests, tournaments, giveaways, live coverage, panel discussions, interviews, and everything book related.

#B2BCyCon spans the world, is free to attend, and boasts everything a live convention has without the expense of travel, food, and lodging, making this the fastest growing convention available today.

We are the event for book lovers. That is what we are.

Join us in 2017, as book lovers unite on April 7th, 8th, and 9th.

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And now what we offer for authors.

The Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo offers a wide variety of events and marketing opportunities for authors of most every genre. The event has YouTube discussion panels, a book expo showcase, genre-based blog hops and blog tours, giveaways, grab bags, a Goodreads author showcase, author interviews, workshops, character competitions, a cover wars competition, and much more. And best of all, you get to pick and choose what works for you and your books. You can dip in your toe with one or two events, or pick a larger selection, it's all up to you.

Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo features a wide variety of genres from fantasy and science fiction to romance and thriller, memoir and young adult. I'm overseeing the horror genre so I'm giving everyone a sneak peek at what's happening there.

First off, all horror events will be under the banner The Blood Spring.

This is our grand theme.

The horror events will bring forth dark terrors, human and non-human, oozing out from primal corners of the universe and the pages of author's books to infest the convention. 

Here are some of the horror highlights:

The Book Expo

A book showcase on the Brain to Books Convention site, arranged by genre. So horror readers, or readers of any genre, can go to their favourite and browse with ease. No fuss, no muss.

The Blog Hop

A genre based blog/website/Facebook page hop across the internet to showcase authors.
The horror hop has a theme of Walk with the Monsters, and will focus on authors, books, and the terrifying creatures they create. Zombies, vampires, ghouls, ghosts, demons, and serial killers are most welcome. There will also be a hop wide scavenger for readers with a grand prize.

The Genre Tour

Here you get a taste of the top genres featured in the convention, with previews, sneak peeks and up close and personal looks at what these genres have to offer. The Horror Tour will bring chills, scares, books and creepy characters right to you, all under the theme Out of the Shadows, Welcome to the Blood Spring.


Live YouTube discussions on various book topics. The horror highlight is the panel: Horror, Thriller, Suspense…What is the difference?

Character Tournaments

Characters faceoff in a three-day showdown and you vote for your favorite. Perfect for those villains, monsters, or stalwart heroes that stand against the dark.

Character CosPlay

Authors don their best garb and resume the role of one of their characters. The picture is submitted along with a character card and you vote best costume. Zombie lovers unite! Also, vampires, demons, and the odd slayer or dark arts practitioner.

Cover Wars

This contest is all about judging those books by their covers. For three days, readers can vote for their favorite cover.

Plus there many more events, such as the Goodreads Author Showcase, story readings, author interviews, and workshops, so come on and sign up!

Don't Miss Out!

Horror Genre Extra!

Horror Hall

An extra free event happening for the convention weekend on Facebook. Horror fans and authors alike can come and chat, post, discuss all things horror and have a good time. Share your stories, excerpts, talk books, movies, your favorite horror tropes. The event will be posted on Facebook and open early on Thursday April 6th, and run until 10 PM EST April 9th. The Horror Hall link will be posted on the Brain to Books Convention site during the weekend, and no sign-up will be needed for this event (but only for the Horror Hall; authors must register for all other events).

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